Official Florist ~ Lytham Festival 2015   

“Official Florist ~  Zime Design working with Cuffe and Taylor on Lytham Festival 2015”


Preparation is underway
for one of the most exciting and largest music events in Lancashire, Lytham Festival 2015. 

Flowers and materials to create these floral masterpieces for the Lytham Festival, have been arriving all day, in huge delivery trucks from Holland. 


“We are extremely proud and excited to be apart of this prestigious event and will be documenting and sharing our working progress with you over the next 10 days”

  “Today’s Lytham Festival is Lancashire’s largest live music event and attracts tens of thousands of spectators. Its well-crafted mix of nostalgia, contemporary and classical music means there is something for everyone on picturesque Lytham Green during the four fantastic show days at the seaside. It’s hard to believe that this professional, well-organised and much-anticipated music festival – which every year brings international artists to the North West of England – began life as a hobby! Lytham Proms was created in 2009, and was curated by local music lovers Daniel Cuffe and Peter Taylor.” Cuffe and Taylor 

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