Sansevieria Cylindrica

Common name: Cylindrical snake plant/ Velvet Touch

It is an indoor evergreen perennial plant and easy to culture and care of in the home. They thrive on neglect, providing they are well drained after watering. 

The growth is relatively slow and last for many years. They like light bright environments and can stand direct sunlight and also tolerate shade and poor light conditions. 

Keep at room temperature; from 18•c – 26•c 

During the active growth period water only moderately, giving enough to make the compost moist throughout at each watering, but allowing the top couple if centimetres of the compost to dry out before watering again. 

Overwatering leads to rot and will cause the leaves to topple over at the point where they join the rootstock. Water the compost, taking care not to water the leaves as this will cause them to rot. 

If the leaves turn yellow or turn mushy, they have been overwatered. Empty the plants saucer or pot after watering, to avoid that stagnant water to damage the roots. 

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